Apple wants to buy Formula 1 streaming rights (and that’s good news)

It looks like Formula 1 will be Apple’s next project, as the company plans to buy the streaming rights. You need to know this!

Apple shows interest in Formula 1

Good news if you have Apple TV Plus, as the company is reportedly planning to buy Formula 1’s streaming rights. This is not the first sport where Apple wants to buy broadcast rights. It previously became clear that the company is also interested in deals to broadcast the NBA (basketball), NFL (football) and baseball. Then the offering on Apple TV Plus will probably be much more extensive.

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It’s no surprise that Apple is now planning to add Formula 1 to Apple TV Plus. Tim Cook already waved the flag at the Grand Prix of Austin (Texas) last year, making it known that the company is interested in racing. New rumors now confirm this and even predict that Apple wants to buy the global streaming rights of Formula 1. Unfortunately, that is not easy.

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Takeover by Apple will take years

Apple reportedly plans to buy Formula 1’s international broadcast rights. This would allow Apple to broadcast racing around the world, but it will likely take years before that happens. Several companies currently still have deals for broadcasting Formula 1. Apple can buy the streaming rights now, but those deals often remain in place for years.

In the United States, the broadcast rights are held by ESPN until 2025. In the Netherlands, these rights are owned by ViaPlay, also until 2025. It will therefore take some time before the streaming rights are owned by Apple, but there is a good chance that Apple will eventually take the step. The company reportedly plans to pay $2 billion a year for the rights. An extremely high amount, which is difficult to surpass by other companies such as ViaPlay.

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Formula 1 on Apple TV Plus is good news

If Apple gets the broadcast rights of Formula 1, that will probably be good news. You will of course also receive Formula 1 if you have a subscription to Apple TV Plus, so you no longer have to take out ViaPlay. That is beneficial, because Apple TV Plus is a lot cheaper than ViaPlay. In addition, Apple TV Plus offers higher image quality and more content.

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So it is hoped that Formula 1 will indeed come to Apple TV Plus. Until then, you don’t have to do without F1 content, because Apple is already working on a film (with Brad Pitt) about Formula 1. A documentary about Lewis Hamilton will also be released, so you can move forward again. Do you want to watch Formula 1 now? Then get three months of ViaPlay here for only 9.99 euros per month!

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