Apple Watch can recognize heart attack (while Apple says it can’t)

The Apple Watch has had an ECG app since the Series 4 to record your heart rate and heart rhythm, but the smartwatch is not suitable for recognizing a heart attack. However, a new study shows that it is indeed possible.

Apple Watch: Recognize heart attack

To record a heartbeat with your Apple Watch Series 4 (or later), open the Ecg app and hold one finger on the Digital Crown. After that, you only have to wait 30 seconds to take the shot.

Can’t see the app on your Apple Watch and you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or higher? Then you must first open the Health app on your iPhone. Then tap on ‘Data > Heart’ > Electrocardiograms (ECG) > Configure ‘ECG app’.

The app then creates an electrocardiogram that shows the electrical signals that make the heart beat. According to Apple, you can detect atrial fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat) with this app. However, it cannot predict a heart attack.

apple watch heart attack

A new survey on the website Natural Medicine however, has a different opinion. It can be read that the Electrocardiogram of the Apple Watch can indeed be used for this. In any case, to detect when the left half of the heart is not pumping enough, which can initially cause shortness of breath and a scratchy cough.

Often the patient only finds out late when these kinds of problems play in the background, because the symptoms only come to light with strenuous exercise. Often it is already too late with a heart attack as a result.

However, heart pumping problems are quite treatable (but not curable). However, there is a big but: you have to be there on time to prevent worse.

Buy Apple Watch

Are you also ready for an Apple Watch after reading this message? Then you should not forget that the Ecg function is not on the Apple Watch SE or the Apple Watch SE 2022. So you have to buy an Apple Watch Series 4 or higher. The Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra are Apple’s latest smartwatches.

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