Apple Watch gets criticism – which part is causing problems?

Apple receives a lot of criticism for a part of the Apple Watch. How is the company responding to this criticism and what will Apple do about it?

Much criticism of battery life Apple Watch

One of the aspects of the Apple Watch that Apple has been criticized for years is the battery life of the watch. The battery of the Apple Watch Series 8 lasts up to 18 hours. This also applied to the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6, so the battery life of the Apple Watch has not improved much.

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That is exactly what Apple is now increasingly criticizing, especially since there are plenty of other smart watches that do last a day (or more). There are even smartwatches that last a week, which makes the Apple Watch battery seem even worse. The batteries of the MacBooks and iPhones are constantly improving, when will Apple do this with the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch feature

Apple introduces Energy Saving Mode

Apple has now responded to this criticism and emphasizes that a number of parts of the Apple Watch are battery draining. According to the company, these functions are necessary for the Apple Watch to work properly, such as fall detection and an alarm for irregular heart rhythms. According to the company, it is therefore a choice between a longer battery life or having these important functions.

Apple is increasingly leaving this choice to the user of the Apple Watch, because a handy new function was added to watchOS at the end of last year with Energy Saving Mode. If you turn on this function, you can use the battery of your Apple Watch twice as long. Power Saving Mode is available from the Apple Watch Series 4 in watchOS 9.

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In addition, Apple emphasizes that the Apple Watch is suitable for fast charging, so that you can charge your watch to 80 percent within 45 minutes. The big disadvantage of this is of course that you don’t always have your charging cable with you and there isn’t always a power point that you can use.

Energy saving mode Apple Watch

Apple is working on Apple Watch battery fix

With Apple’s response, it is at least clear that the company is aware of the battery problem. The introduction of Energy Saving Mode also shows that Apple is working on a solution. The fact that Apple can come up with a solution was already apparent with the Apple Watch Ultra, because this watch lasts up to 36 hours. With Energy Saving Mode, your Apple Watch battery will last for up to 60 hours.

It is therefore to be hoped that Apple will opt for a battery with a longer lifespan for the new generation of Apple Watch. Are you curious what else we know about the new generation of Apple Watch? Check out all the rumors about the Apple Watch Series 9 here.

Apple Watch Series 8

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