Apple Watch Ultra 3 is coming this year (and is already disappointing)

According to rumors, the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will be released this year, but it will probably be very disappointing. The smartwatch will reportedly have virtually no new functions.

Apple Watch Ultra 3 is coming

Apple released the first Apple Watch Ultra in 2022 and the second generation was released last year. The advanced smartwatch is mainly intended for athletes, with functions such as mountain climbing and deep-sea diving. It looked like the Apple Watch Ultra 3 wouldn’t come this year, but rumors now predict that we can expect the smartwatch in 2024 after all.

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According to the usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to release the Apple Watch Ultra 3 this year. The Apple Watch will probably be released in September, when the iPhone 16 is also announced. In addition, we may also see a new Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch

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Few new features

If we are to believe Kuo, Apple plans to make virtually no changes to the hardware of the Apple Watch Ultra 3. He does not mention which adjustments we can expect, so it may only involve a new color. It was already expected that Apple would also release a black titanium version of the Apple Watch Ultra 2, but that never materialized.

Instead, the second-generation Ultra’s screen got a higher peak brightness and the new S9 chip. These were very minor changes, especially since the processor of the Apple Watch has been virtually the same for years. This seems to be the case again with the Apple Watch Ultra 3. Apple may add functions to detect sleep apnea and measure your blood pressure with the smartwatch.

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Three new Apple Watches in 2024

The fact that Apple has decided to release a new generation of the Ultra means that we will see no fewer than three new Apple Watches this year. The Apple Watch SE receives an update once every two years, with the Apple Watch SE 2024 expected this year. It is still unknown which functions will come to the smartwatch, but the SE will in any case be a lot cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra 3.

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This year, all eyes are on the ‘normal’ Apple Watch, because the tenth generation will be released in 2024. It is expected that Apple will make major changes, as we saw with the iPhone X. With the Apple Watch Curious about the smartwatch? Then read everything about the Apple Watch X here!

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