Apple will launch three new iPads in 2022, including Pro and Air

Apple insider Mark Gurman says Apple will release three new iPads in 2022. It concerns the entry-level model for the iPad, the iPad Air and the iPad Pro 2022. The latter is especially interesting.

New iPads in 2022

The highly informed Gurman makes the predictions in his weekly Power On newsletter. He reports that Apple plans to release a new iPad Pro in 2022. The most striking innovation is probably wireless charging: it is the first tablet from Apple to support this.

To make wireless charging possible, the iPad Pro 2022 will be equipped with a new design. The aluminum housing makes way for a glass back. In 2017, Apple also did this with the iPhone X to enable wireless charging. Since then, all iPhone models have a glass back.

iPad 2022

The ‘regular’ iPad was last renewed in September 2021, but it was a fairly scanty update. The main addition for the 2021 iPad was a powerful A13 chip and an improved 12MP selfie camera for video calls.

In 2022, Apple will come back with a new version, Gurman knows. Whether the entry-level iPad changes more drastically this time is unclear. However, this year’s iPad was already rumored to resemble the iPad Air 3, which has a thinner design and larger screen. Those changes never materialized, but Apple may have saved them for the iPad 2022.

iPad Air 2022

Apple did not renew the iPad Air in 2021, but in 2022 the popular tablet will be refreshed again, according to Gurman. He does not report what will change compared to the iPad Air 2020, but according to previous rumors, Apple wants to put a mini LED screen in it. The latest iPad Pro models have that as well as of this year.

There have hardly been more rumors about the iPad Air 2022, but a few are easy to guess. Apple will put in a more powerful chip (probably the A15 Bionic), there will be 5G support and the selfie camera will have a 12-megapixel lens. After all, Apple already brought these innovations to the iPad mini 2021.

More Apple predictions for 2022

Gurman also shared predictions for the Mac in his newsletter:

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