Apple won’t give the iPhone a replaceable battery (here’s why)

It seems that the iPhone will not get a replaceable battery, despite new legislation from the European Union. This is why Apple refuses.

EU wants replaceable batteries in all devices

The European Union has passed a new law that states that all smartphones must have a replaceable battery from 2027. This prohibits manufacturers such as Apple from attaching batteries to the phone. With the new regulations, it should be easier from 2027 to replace the battery of your iPhone yourself, in order to reduce the burden on the environment.

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Still, it doesn’t seem like Apple plans to put an easy-to-replace battery in the iPhone. Apple CEO John Ternus said earlier in an interview that it is unlikely that the iPhone will soon have a replaceable battery that you can change yourself. This has several reasons, according to the Apple CEO. We explain why Apple does not want you to replace your iPhone battery yourself.

Apple won’t give the iPhone a replaceable battery (here’s why)

Water Resistant and Waterproof iPhones

According to the CEO, it is mainly important that replacing a battery with the iPhone is done safely and effectively. Placing a new battery is accompanied by sealing the phone, so that the iPhone remains water-resistant or waterproof. This is not possible with a replaceable battery, because Apple can no longer guarantee that the iPhone can withstand water.

In order to make the iPhone waterproof, the device is also very well closed in a number of places. As a result, the housing is not easy to open. If Apple opts for a replaceable battery in the iPhone, the housing must also be adjusted. This must then be able to be opened by anyone, making the iPhone even more vulnerable to water damage.

Data collection at Apple through repairs

Apple also analyzes the data collected from the repair program. When parts need to be replaced or repaired often, this is a signal to Apple that a part needs to be produced better. The other way around is of course also true: if a part is never replaced, Apple’s production process is probably okay.

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Based on this data, it is therefore determined which parts of the iPhone are good, and which can be improved. If everyone can place the replaceable battery in the iPhone themselves, Apple will have a lot less insight into this data. Apple is probably trying to prevent that, so it is unlikely that you will soon be able to replace the battery of your iPhone yourself.

iPhone battery

How much does it cost to replace a battery with an iPhone

Apple announced early this year that the costs for a new battery would increase as of March 1, 2023. Since March 1, you pay 79 euros for a new battery of an iPhone SE, iPhone 8 or older model. With an iPhone X or newer, you have to pay 99 euros for a new battery since March 1. So you spend 24 euros more for a replacement battery than last year.

Does your battery run out quickly? Or has your battery condition deteriorated considerably? There are several ways to make your iPhone last longer without replacing your battery. For example, you can turn on the energy saving and it is smart to close all apps that run in the background. Read all our iPhone tips here to help your battery last a little longer!

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