Apple’s own camera adapter for iPhone doesn’t work with iOS 16.5

The latest version of iOS has just been released, but quite a few issues pop up. According to some users, Apple’s own lightning to USB 3 camera adapter does not work with iOS 16.5 on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 16.5: camera adapter for iPhone not working

Something goes wrong in iOS 16.5, as some users report that one of Apple’s own accessories suddenly stopped working. The problem is with the lightning-to-USB-3 camera adapter you use to connect a camera to your iPhone or iPad in iOS 16.5.

The cable can also be used to connect another device to your iPhone or iPad, such as a microphone. Still, users say it doesn’t matter what they try to connect. None of the connections on the device work. That is quite sour, because the cable is certainly not cheap (49 euros).

iOS 16.5 beta

It is not known what is causing the problem. It’s probably a bug in the software. After all, the lightning-to-USB-3 camera adapter is sold by Apple itself and should therefore simply work with your iPhone (and iPad).

Apple recently released the first beta of iOS 16.6 to developers, but an official release is likely to take a few more weeks. Hopefully, therefore, there will be an update to iOS 16.5.1 soon that can fix the camera adapter issue.

iOS 16.5 in a nutshell

Apple only had a small update in store with iOS 16.5. There are only a few new features to be found and some options are not even available in the Netherlands.

In iOS 16.5, a new window has been added to the Apple News app. This new tab shows all current sports news. Unfortunately, Apple News is still not available here.

A feature that we do get: in iOS 16.5 it will be possible to make a screen recording using Siri. You then say “Hey Siri, start a screen recording” and your iPhone should start right away. This feature is likely to be rolled out little by little. So you may have to wait a while.

pride 2023 dial

A new pride background has also been added. Every year, Apple releases a new wallpaper dedicated to Pride. Want to know more about iOS 16.5? Then read the article below.

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Do you also have problems with the camera adapter for your iPhone or iPad in iOS 16.5? Or are you running into other problems? Let us know!

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