Beats Studio Pro: these are the first reviews

Tired of waiting for the next AirPods Max? Then we have a good alternative: the Beats Studio Pro, and these are the first reviews!

Beats Studio Pro: the first reviews

The AirPods Max 2 are far too long in coming. Do you want new headphones with support for Spatial Audio and other features that Apple headphones also have? Then the Beats Studio Pro might be something for you. These headphones are also an excellent choice for Android enthusiasts. This is what the first reviews say about the Beats Studio Pro!

Beats Studio Pro: these are the first reviews

The Verge

The Beats Studio Pro are popular with The Verge. They find the sound and the active noise reduction better than the predecessor, the Studio 3. The transparency mode also works well and is excellent. Another plus is the lossless USB-C audio and support for both iOS and Android.

They also had a few negatives. The design of the headphones has been the same for too long. The headphones feel a bit cheap and the soft ear cushions cannot be replaced.

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The Beats Studio Pro is a great pair of headphones and it’s a good upgrade if you have the Studio 3 Wireless. Even though he looks almost the same again. The noise reduction is good and conversations are easy to follow.

It is a pity that the headphones lack a few functions. For example, it doesn’t have ear detection, so the music doesn’t stop automatically when you take off the headphones. They also found the price a bit on the high side, especially since competitors such as the Sony WH-1000XM5 are now available for the same price (or cheaper).

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At Engadget, they are particularly pleased with the improvements that you do not see. Especially the improved active noise reduction and sound quality are a big plus. They also find the better Spatial Audio, call quality and the addition of USB-C audio worth mentioning.

They still don’t think the Beats Studio Pro is cheap, but with all these features it can now better compete with comparable headphones, such as Sony and Bose. In addition, the headphones were not as comfortable as the competitors and it is a pity that the Beats do not automatically pause when you take them off.

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Beats Studio Pro in a nutshell

The Beats Studio Pro are over-ear headphones with noise canceling and include a USB-C connection for charging (and listening to lossless audio), improved microphones and optimized sound profiles.

It is compatible with Apple and Android. Features like Apple’s Find My and Spatial Audio are all part of his skill set. It also has Android-compatible features such as Fast Pair and Find My Device.

Great news for enthusiasts: the Studio Pro headphones also have a traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. The Beats Studio Pro costs 399.95 euros.

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