Bentley sharpens EV strategy: five new models from 2025


Bentley is going to step on the power pedal in the coming years. The British luxury brand is sharpening its electrification strategy ‘Beyond100’: from 2025 to 2030, Bentley wants to introduce five new EVs. It is not yet clear what they will look like.

‘Five-in-Five’ is what Bentley calls the plan to launch a new EV every year from 2025 to 2030. For the first EV in 2025, Bentley is already working with Audi under ‘Project Artemis’. The first plug-in Bentley will therefore probably be placed on a completely new platform. It is not yet clear exactly what the five silent Bentleys will look like, but it is obvious that in addition to an SUV, there will also be a coupe, convertible and limousine with battery pack. Perhaps Bentley will apply style elements of the concept car EXP 100 GT in those EVs. In a computer sketch of the new factory in Crewe, that model is also on the fictitious assembly line.

In addition to EVs, Bentley is focusing on plug-in hybrids, with the Flying Spur Hybrid as the most recent achievement alongside the previously released Bentayga Hybrid. Bentley previously announced that it will no longer have models in the showroom after 2026 without electrical support. From 2030, Bentley will only supply electric cars and it will be over for the combustion engine for the flying B. To make this change, Bentley is investing €3 billion in the factory in Crewe. With these investments, the production lines must be prepared for EVs and Bentley wants to make the factory completely climate neutral in the long term. That goal should be achieved by 2030. Bentley expects its dealers worldwide to operate CO2-neutrally by 2025.

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