Bizarre: iPhone survives drop test from 4267 meters (video)

The sturdiness of an iPhone is often tested with a drop test. But an iPhone has never survived a fall of about 4 kilometers.

iPhone survives drop test from 4267 meters

Usually, in a drop test, the iPhone is released a meter (sometimes a little more) above the ground. In addition, it sometimes happens that the iPhone is thrown high in the air, before the device hits the ground with a heavy tap.

But a skydiver made it very colorful. Just as he parachuted out of the plane, his iPhone managed to slip out of his pocket. The iPhone then made a free fall of 4267 meters. A drop test that the iPhone would certainly not survive unscathed. Or is it?


When your phone falls out of your pocket at 14,000 feet #fail #screammovie

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If you watch the video, you can see that they recovered the iPhone after the jump. Admittedly: the device did have a cover, but the iPhone did not survive the enormous drop test. In addition, the iPhone ended up in the mud, which also greatly increased its chance of survival.

This isn’t the first time an iPhone has survived a parachute jump (without a parachute). Also on Instagram occasionally shows videos of iPhones slipping out of the pocket high in the air. But never before had an iPhone passed such a high skydiving drop test.

After this drop test of the iPhone, we can be brief: make sure you always put a sturdy case on your iPhone. Then try to choose a case with raised edges near the camera, so that part of your iPhone is also well protected.

Bizarre: iPhone survives drop test from 4267 meters (video)

It won’t happen that you lose your iPhone while skydiving, but your iPhone can sometimes slip out of your pocket or your hands at the most inconvenient moments. If it accidentally ends up on the sidewalk, there is a good chance that your iPhone will take a big hit without a case.

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