Bizarre: man does not receive an iPhone 15, but shampoo (and loses his money)

A Reddit user ordered an iPhone 15, but received a bottle of shampoo. And the bizarre thing: Amazon doesn’t want to refund him. This is what’s going on.

Ordered iPhone 15, received shampoo

The German Reddit user ‘ANotSoBoringBanker‘ ordered an iPhone 15 from Amazon shortly before Christmas. He ordered the iPhone on December 17 and five days later a package arrived in the mail. However, after opening the package, he was in for a nasty surprise. Instead of an iPhone 15, the package contained a bottle of shampoo, he claims.

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Reason enough to contact Amazon. The Reddit user therefore continues: “I’m in shock. I immediately contacted Amazon customer service, who asked me to take a photo with a note with my name and the date on it. I took that photo and sent it to them via email.” Unfortunately, Amazon has so far refused to cooperate.

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Amazon refuses to pay

It wasn’t until five days later that he received feedback from Amazon stating that a refund was not possible. According to the company, the correct item was delivered to the correct address. Amazon does not see the photos as enough evidence, because they could also have been taken after the iPhone was exchanged for the bottle of shampoo. The company therefore refuses to refund the purchase price of the iPhone 15.

That is why the German is now asking for help on Reddit. Yet it seems that he will not get his money back from Amazon, because it cannot be proven when and by whom the iPhone 15 was exchanged for a bottle of shampoo. According to other Reddit users, his only chance is to ask his bank for advice. In certain cases, the bank can refund the purchase amount in these types of situations.

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Buy iPhone 15?

A bizarre situation, where it is unclear for the time being whether the Reddit user will get his money back. If this is not the case, then it is a very expensive bottle of shampoo. Are you still looking for an iPhone 15? Then take a look at the best prices in our price comparator, so that you never pay too much. And check carefully where you order the phone, so that you don’t get the same surprise…

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