BMW is already coming up with an Apple Car competitor: this is what the car looks like

Even before the Apple Car was introduced, the futuristic car already had a competitor. Check out what the BMW i Vision Dee looks like here.

BMW i Vision Dee: competitor of the Apple Car

BMW has announced a new electric car at CES. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual event and the place where companies show their latest products. BMW has now introduced the i Vision Dee there.

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The car seems strongly inspired by the Apple Car. The car looks futuristic and runs on BMW’s own software. In addition, the car is equipped with advanced technological features. With this car, BMW has a direct competitor for the Apple Car.

BMW is already coming up with an Apple Car competitor: this is what the car looks like

This is what the BMW i Vision Dee looks like

The new car already looks futuristic from the outside, but is also equipped with the latest technological gadgets on the inside. For example, the windscreen consists of one large screen, on which you receive directions or read your notifications using AR (augmented reality). The car is partly controlled with Dee, BMW’s voice assistant.

Dee – actually BMW’s Siri – recognizes the driver’s identity and opens the doors automatically. The voice assistant also supports you while driving. And can’t you choose which color car you want? Then you have no worries with the BMW i Vision Dee, because the outside of the car can change into any color.

Futuristic cars appear in quick succession

The BMW i Vision Dee and the Apple Car are reportedly appearing relatively shortly after each other. BMW’s smart car will appear in 2025, while the Apple Car is expected in 2026. The first design of the Apple Car must be completed in 2024, so that it can be tested in 2025. The Apple Car will then be launched on the market in 2026, at most one year after the BMW i Vision Dee.

apple car expectations

Nothing is yet known about the price of the BMW i Vision Dee, but it will probably be a hefty price tag. By comparison, the price for the Apple Car will be around $100,000, which is the “cheapest” version. The BMW i Vision Dee is expected to be cheaper, but how much that will be exactly remains to be seen.

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