Brabus renews Smart Ultimate E.

Smart carried out a facelift on both the ForTwo and the ForFour around this time last year. Tuner Brabus has now presented its updated version of the ForTwo based electric Ultimate E.

Within two years, Smart will present a completely new model, an EV that will be built in China. Before that, we have to do with the current electric versions of the ForTwo and ForFour. That pair was facelifted last year and now the Ultimate E developed by Brabus has also been upgraded.

It should come as no surprise that the revised Brabus Ultimate E, a sporty version of the ForTwo, also gets the new Smart viewers and the sharpened rear lights. Not only has the lighting been changed, as with the ForTwo, the grille previously placed between the headlights also moves down one floor and returns in a much larger form. From the outside, the Ultimate E naturally looks much thicker than the regular version. The Brabus creation will receive a new widebody kit that turns the city EV into a true electric bomb. The Ultimate E stands on 18-inch light alloy and is crammed with a sumptuous leather-clad interior that is available in various colors, including red, in addition to black. The Ultimate E from Brabus is also based on the ForTwo Cabrio.

The Brabus Ultimate E gets a slightly stronger electric motor than the standard ForTwo. Where the average specimen delivers 82 hp and 160 Nm, the electro heart of the Ultimate E is 92 hp and 180 Nm strong. This means that the sporty pocket-sized EV has reached a speed of 100 km / h in 10.9 seconds. The top speed is limited to 130 km / h. The battery pack of almost 18 kWh is good for a range of 125 kilometers. The starting price in Germany is € 49,449, excluding taxes.

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