Brabus takes over the facelifted E63 S

Brabus has subjected the facelifted Mercedes-AMG E 63 S to a power cure. The fast sedan receives the usual treatment from the tuner from Bottrop, whereby both looks and technology are not left untouched.

Brabus calls the new 800 a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The tuner has a different definition of that saying than we do, because the E63 S has not exactly become more inconspicuous. This already starts with the front bumper, where Brabus placed carbon fiber inserts in the air intakes and fitted a modified splitter made of the same material. Those adjustments are not purely cosmetic in nature, because according to the tuner they provide improved aerodynamics and more stability at high speed. Furthermore, two bars of the Panamericana grille are in red and the large ‘B’ of Brabus is displayed on the spot where the Mercedes star normally resides.

The number ‘800’ already betrays that Brabus has sent the 4.0 V8 to the gym. Thanks to the B40S-800 power kit, the power unit delivers 800 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque. Brabus achieves this increase in power with an adjustment of the engine management and the addition of larger turbos. Thanks to that bonk primal power, the E-class shoots to 100 km / h in 3 seconds and then blasts through to a limited top speed of 300 km / h. Meanwhile, thanks to the modified exhaust system, the V8 produces an extra loud roar. Fortunately for your neighbors, the exhaust has a valve system, so you can more or less silence it with the push of a button.

Brabus 800

Brabus 800

Other style cues from the tuner’s warehouse include forged 21-inch wheels, a custom carbon fiber diffuser with four round exhausts and a spoiler lip on the boot lid. Brabus spruces up the interior with aluminum pedals, Brabus door sill plates, special paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and, yes, Brabus locking buttons for the doors. The interior of the E can also be flavored entirely according to the customer’s wishes.

Brabus does not mention the price of all this, but ‘cheap’ does not generally appear in the dictionary of the tuner.

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