Buying a refurbished iPhone: a sustainable (and cheaper) alternative

This month sustainability is central to iPhoned. If you are looking for an iPhone and want to make a sustainable choice, you can opt for one of the refurbished deals that we have listed for you below.

Sustainability and refurbished devices

January is up iPhoned in the context of sustainability. That’s why we like to think about ways to combine a sustainable awareness with a passion for Apple products. A popular option is to opt for refurbished iPhones.

Worldwide there is a shortage of chips for all kinds of electronics, causing annoying problems such as delivery problems. This is partly due to a shortage of the raw materials needed for production. By choosing a refurbished iPhone you prevent the waste of raw materials and iPhones last longer.

Refurbished iPhones are devices that have received new parts and can be reused as new devices. The difference with a second-hand iPhone is that with a refurbished iPhone you have an experience as good as new and you receive a two-year warranty. In addition, it offers Refurbished quality mark security at the time of purchase.

Below we have listed refurbished offers for the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Refurbished appliances can be classified and found in different conditions. We have opted for the condition ‘as good as new’ in all deals because it cannot be distinguished from a new product. Other conditions have some signs of use such as scratches, dents and breaks.

Refurbished iPhone 12

iPhone 12 purple

The iPhone 12 is equipped with an OLED screen that shows colors much more vividly than an LCD screen. Compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 12 has a new design, so that it still has a modern appearance even after the arrival of the iPhone 13. The hardware is also still very modern, thanks to MagSafe support and 5G connectivity.

The A14 chip is the driving force behind the speed of the iPhone 12. The talk makers of this smartphone are the three cameras. The first is a front-facing selfie camera with a 12-megapixel resolution. At the back you will find a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens with the same resolution. By choosing a refurbished iPhone 12 you save 54 euros.

  • View the refurbished iPhone 12 at ReBuy for €684.99

Refurbished iPhone 11

iPhone 11 black

The iPhone 11 is a smartphone with a time-resistant design under the hood. This is reflected in the speed of the chip, even in 2021, after the arrival of the iPhone 13. Furthermore, the cameras with night mode are of such a high quality that they can be found again in the next iPhone. It concerns the selfie camera, ultra-wide-angle lens and wide-angle lens of 12-megapixel each.

In addition, the TrueDepth front camera also offers faster Face ID, allowing your iPhone to unlock faster without entering your code. Once you’re working on your smartphone, you’ll also worry less about bumps and water due to the better glass used for the display and improved water resistance.

An iPhone 11 is already cheaper in price due to the arrival of two new generations. By choosing a refurbished device you take an advantage of 71 euros.

  • View the refurbished iPhone 11 at Rephone for €518

Refurbished iPhone X

iPhone X black

At a minimum, iPhones will receive support for the latest iOS through five years after the year of release. The iPhone X is therefore expected to receive support until at least 2022 and iOS 16. Furthermore, the OLED screen, which provides beautiful colors, can last as an industry standard for a long time.

With the iPhone X you also have the handy Face ID with which you can quickly unlock your screen without a PIN code. The speed of the system is controlled by the A11 Bionic chip which also provides the graphics performance for videos and games. Finally, you can enjoy wireless charging with the iPhone X.

By choosing a refurbished iPhone X you save 49 euros. In addition, the iPhone X is no longer supplied new. The only options are a second-hand or refurbished device.

  • View the refurbished iPhone X at Mobico for €364

Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus black

The iPhone 8 Plus is characterized by the large screen that is continued from its predecessor. It is a 5.5-inch Retina display. Although this iPhone is very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, it has been improved a lot inside. You now have support for wireless charging.

The display has a better display of colors, because it uses the same technology as the iPad Pro. Furthermore, the camera work is a highlight of the iPhone 8 Plus. You have the portrait mode that you can use for photos with a bokeh effect.

By choosing a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus you can save 300 euros. View the offer below.

  • View the refurbished iPhone 8 Plus at Mobico for €289

More refurbished options

Choosing a refurbished device is not only for iPhones. You can also find refurbished alternatives for iPads, Macbooks and Apple Watches. This way you have not only made a more sustainable choice, but you also have it for a more favorable price. Below you will find different prices for refurbished Apple products:

  • Refurbished iPad Pro
  • Refurbished MacBook
  • Refurbished Apple Watch Series 6

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