BYD unpacks: Super 9 is a crazy electric supercar

One electric supercar is not enough…

Fang Cheng Bao Super 9

Fang Cheng Bao. That is not the name of a Chinese delicacy, but of yet another brand of the Chinese giant BYD Auto. Until now, Fang Cheng Bao has mainly focused on plug-in hybrid or electric SUVs, but it has now also released a test balloon of an electric open two-seater into the world.

BYD Auto already has many brands in its portfolio, but seems to want to sell its products on even more labels. BYD Auto’s brand spectrum does not yet have as many brands as Geely’s portfolio, but it is growing considerably. It sells cars under the brand name BYD, owns the majority of the shares of Denza and offers real premium brands with YangWang and Fang Cheng Bao. Fang Cheng Bao already has a plug-in hybrid SUV in its range in the form of the Bao 5 and will soon add a whole range of new SUVs to it. It is already looking ahead to this with two study models: the Super 3 and the Super 8. There is also one outlier: the Super 9.

The Fang Cheng Bao Super 9 is not an SUV, but a speedster that is as flat as it is fully electric. With a little imagination, the Super 9 looks like a crazy combination of a Lamborghini Aventador and an MG Cyberster. The colossus has no roof and instead of a decent windshield, only two small wind deflectors. We also see butterfly doors and the driver and co-driver are separated from each other. There are no technical specifications yet. If the Super 9 goes into production, it will undoubtedly be called Bao 9. By the way, it would not be BYD’s first electric supercar. BYD’s YangWang already has the U9 in its range: an electric powerhouse with two electric motors that together deliver 1,305 hp.

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