Car manufacturers resume Chinese production

In China, a large part of daily life and industry is currently suspended due to the corona virus. Several brands were forced to halt production in various factories, but now more and more manufacturers are giving green light again.

While the corona virus is still popping up in various new places, various manufacturers seem to be confident that things are now under control in China. Last month various factories including Toyota, Tesla, Honda, Ford and GM went inactive and now many manufacturers are turning that back. Ford has already given the Chongqing plant green light on Monday. Tesla is said to have reopened the Gigafactory in Shanghai from Monday, according to Reuters.

Other manufacturers are still in the middle of considering when the doors will be opened again. For example, Toyota is allegedly planning to open its four closed factories in China again ‘at the earliest next week’. The same applies to Honda, which is already counting on a reopening of the facilities in the hard-hit Wuhan. According to CNBC, General Motors is planning to reopen the 15 temporarily closed factories from the end of this week.

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