Test all-new electric Mini Cooper SE 2024

How much fun can electric driving be?

Mini releases an all-new Cooper Electric. An electric Mini, with 184 or 218 hp. So there was plenty of power. But is the new, electric Mini Cooper SE also old-fashioned fun to drive?

Is the new Mini always electric?

Yes and no, in principle the new Mini Cooper is always electric. The Cooper E and Cooper SE are the only variants on the new platform. The versions with combustion engines continue on the old platform and will therefore actually receive a major facelift. The Cooper E is the basic version with a 40.7 kWh battery, about 300 kilometers of range and 75 kW fast charging option. The Cooper SE has a 54.2 kWh capacity, ranges about 400 km and can charge 95 kW fast. The price difference is a few thousand euros, so that is manageable.

Is the Mini Cooper SE fast?

Certainly, with 184 hp in the Mini Cooper E or 218 in the Mini Cooper SE, there is more than enough power to launch the electric Mini smoothly. Above 100 it all decreases a bit, of course, but then you have often already had the most fun. Even the fake sound adds to the festive spirit for a change, instead of merely irritating. Of course, the throttle response is razor-sharp, but you can also drive completely one-pedal if your mood is less in favor of blasting.

Test all-new electric Mini Cooper SE 2024

Nice interior, but ergonomics are very hidden in the central screen.

What is the chassis of the Mini Cooper SE like?

Awesome. There are few electric cars that are so much fun to drive. The Mini Cooper SE steers sharply and despite its weight of 1,670 kilos ready-made, it feels light-footed and stable. The comfort is acceptable, but the car is mainly made to attack a corner as hard as possible and is therefore sturdy. You can easily induce oversteer by releasing your throttle halfway through the bend.

Is the Mini Cooper SE spacious?


Mini Cooper SE

210 liters of luggage space is not spacious.

What is the interior of the Mini Cooper SE like?

Well, not that wide. Not for people in the back seat and not for luggage. Completely full of gimmicks and jokes. That fits well with the brand’s image, but sometimes you have to swipe, slide and scroll a lot on the central touchscreen and that can be annoying.

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