Casio Pro Trek PRW-6900 series: new shape, new material and new features

For more than 20 years, Casio has been making functional watches especially for outdoor enthusiasts: Pro Trek. These watches always have the most advanced technologies and are perfectly tailored to the conditions of any outdoor activity.

The standard in outdoor watch technology: Triple Sensor

The Triple Sensor technology developed by Casio is the standard for outdoor watches. An altimeter, barometer and thermometer in one watch. Supplemented with 20 ATM water resistance, a digital compass and radio-controlled time synchronization, the Pro Trek PRW-6900 is your reliable partner for every adventure.

▴ Altimeter

▴ Compass

▴ Barometer

With respect for nature

As a specialized outdoor brand, Pro Trek strives to live in harmony with nature. This is reflected in the choice of a timepiece that runs on light energy and the choice of renewable materials.

In 2022, Casio launched watches made from plastics from raw materials such as castor seeds and corn for the first time. This material has now also been used in the PRW-6900 series; The case, strap and back are made of this innovative material. In addition to being durable, this plastic is also strong and lightweight (the watch weighs only 65 grams!). Features that are very useful for outdoor watches.

Watch case made of bio-plastic
▴ Cabinet made of bio-plastic

watch with flame retardant leather strap
▴ Flame retardant leather strap

watch strap made of bio-plastic
▴ Strap made of bio-plastic

The latest Pro Trek PRW-6900 series

New technology

The combination of innovative technology, robust precision movement and ultra-modern design comes together in the latest Pro Trek line: PRW-6900. A series of analogue-digital radio-controlled watches, naturally equipped with the third generation of Triple Sensor technology and made from materials that have been selected for environmental friendliness.

New shape

The watches in the PRW-6900 line have a functional beauty that is inspired by survival tools. They have a metal edge, with a sharply sloping side reminiscent of a woodcutter’s axe. The inset dial at 10 o’clock is inspired by a pocket knife, and the seconds hand has the orange tones of the flames of a campfire. The cast iron surface of the dial resembles that of a dutch oven.

Metal case edge with sharp corners
▴ Metal case edge with sharp corners

Inset sub-dial
▴ Inset sub-dial

'Cast iron' surface structure
▴ ‘Cast iron’ surface structure

New materials

Both the case and strap are made of biomass plastic and the specially developed flame-retardant leather strap of the PRW-6900YL is even resistant to flying sparks from the campfire.

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