CBR ‘mandatory’ use of a face mask for driving lessons

The Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR) requires in a certain sense the use of face masks during driving lessons. From now on, this condition is set for taking exams.

Although there is no legal obligation to mask driving lessons, the CBR has set this as a strict requirement from now on. In this way, the CBR wants to reduce the chance that its staff and other visitors / candidates will become infected with the corona virus. Anyone who takes driving lessons from 19 October without all vehicle occupants wearing a face mask, is not allowed to take a driving test at the CBR. According to the CBR, candidates are asked about the use of mouth masks during the lessons. It is therefore not really verifiable.

The same requirement applies to theory exams. It is also pointed out that in that case it is also a strict requirement that a mouth mask should be worn during transport to a CBR location. During a practical exam, this transport usually takes place in the training car, but theory exam candidates are regularly driven in vans from driving schools to a CBR location. A mouth mask must therefore also be worn in it, otherwise access to the building will be refused.

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