CC or BCC: How to Hide Email Recipients in Gmail

CC or BCC: How to Hide Email Recipients in Gmail

As with any email service and provider, Gmail allows you to CC or BCC copies of your email, either from your computer or from your cell phone. Most people are familiar with these features, but there are some things to keep in mind.

Both CC and BCC functions ensure that you send a copy of your email to someone other than the primary recipient. CC stands for carbon copy, a reference to the old-fashioned carbon paper. For example, you send an e-mail to an intern at the office and you CC your boss, so that he or she is also aware of your e-mail. This allows the intern to see that your boss has received a copy.

Any other recipients in the CC list are also not hidden from each other. In Gmail on the web, you start a new email by pressing draw up clicking in the top left corner. Then click in the window New message next to the field On on CC.

A problem with using the CC rule is that it is sometimes too easy to Answer all clicks instead of To answer. This will send your response to everyone, after which others will respond in the same way. This is how you create chain mail.

With every new mail you will find a CC and a BCC button.


Next to the button CC do you think BCC. BCC stands for blind carbon copy. This prevents the primary recipient from seeing that you are sending a copy to someone else. In the mobile version of Gmail you will find the CC and BCC buttons in the window of draw up next to the field On.

In the example above, the intern has no idea that your boss (the second recipient) has received a BCC copy. When the intern replies to your email, your boss won’t receive his response because the intern’s email program can’t see the email addresses in the BCC field.

The intern does not know that the boss is in CC.

Hide recipient addresses

BCC can lead to mistrust. When your boss accidentally wakes up Answer all clicks, instead of the button To answer, then the intern discovers that your message has also secretly left for your boss. Nevertheless, BCC is a very useful tool. This way you hide the email addresses of other recipients and avoid chain reactions.

No one in the BCC box can see that the message has also been sent to others.

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