Charging AirPods: You really need to pay attention to these 5 functions

Do you often use your AirPods on the go? Then it is of course important that they are charged enough. We give five tips for charging your AirPods!

Charge AirPods properly

AirPods are extremely useful for listening to music or podcasts on the go, provided they are charged of course. AirPods can be charged by putting them in the included charging case. According to Apple, both the AirPods 3 and the second-generation AirPods Pro give you 30 hours of listening time when the case is fully charged. You will then be provided for a while.

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Still, there are a number of functions that can ensure that the battery of your AirPods lasts a little longer. We put together five important tips for you.

Charging AirPods: You really need to pay attention to these 5 functions

1. In an emergency: place the AirPods and the case on the charger

Do you find out just before departure that your AirPods are empty? Then it is wise to put the case on the charger with the AirPods in it. The earphones are then charged first, after which most of the energy only goes to the case. For example, your AirPods are already 50 percent charged within ten minutes when they are in the box on the charger. The case itself is only charged to 10 percent after ten minutes.

2. Activate optimized charging on AirPods

One of the major drawbacks of the AirPods is that the battery cannot be replaced. As soon as your battery gets a lot worse, you actually have to buy new AirPods. It is therefore important that you use your battery for as long as possible. Optimized charging of the earphones can help with this. You set this up as follows:

  1. Put in your AirPods;

  2. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone or iPad;

  3. Tap “AirPods” under your Apple ID;

  4. Scroll down;

  5. Enable “Optimized Charging”.

Don’t see the AirPods in your settings in step three? Then you have to manually go to the functions of your AirPods. You do this by going to ‘Bluetooth > AirPods’ in your iPhone’s settings and tapping the information button behind AirPods. You will then end up in the same menu, where you can enable optimized charging.

Charge AirPods

3. Charging AirPods through Magsafe is good enough

Don’t have a Lightning cable nearby? Then you can charge the Airpods Pro 2 charging case with your Apple Watch charger. The version with USB-C cable supports charging up to 5W. This is fast enough to quickly charge the earbuds, so you won’t be left with empty AirPods later.


4. Case doesn’t charge much faster without AirPods in it

Is only the case of the AirPods empty? Then it makes little difference to charge the box without the ears. After 15 minutes, the case is charged to 15 percent, with the AirPods in it, it’s up to 10 percent. After one hour, an empty charging case is at 66 percent, while a case with AirPods is stuck at 54 percent. Charging is therefore slightly faster, but the difference is minimal.

5. Disable location services (temporarily).

Does the battery of your AirPods run out faster than you hoped? Finally, you can choose to temporarily disable the location services of the earphones. This saves a lot of energy consumption, so your AirPods last a little longer.

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An important disadvantage is of course that you can no longer find the earphones in the Find My app. If you lose the AirPods, you can no longer check the location. It is therefore wise to turn location services back on quickly, especially as soon as the charging of the AirPods is finished.


Buy AirPods (or need an upgrade?)

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