Check your computer’s security (Windows 10)

Windows 10 - Check Security

A Windows 10 computer is protected by itself. Check the main security settings to make sure everything is set up correctly and security is working properly.

Check in the overview of your computer’s security settings whether everything is set correctly. Do this like this:.

  • Click in the search bar with a magnifying glass icon in it.
  • Type ‘Control Panel’. Then click Control Panel.
  • click on System and Security (if you don’t see this, click on the blue arrow in the top right next to ‘Views by’ and then on Category).
  • Click at the top Security and Maintenance.
  • Under ‘Read and troubleshoot recent messages’, click Security to open the security settings.
  • Now let’s see if a firewall is enabled. Check if the internet security settings are set to ‘OK’. If you have not made any changes before, this is the case by default.
  • Then, under ‘Network firewall’, click View in Windows Security.
  • A window opens. Make sure the firewall is set to ‘Enabled’.

The computer is protected against viruses by the Windows Defender program. This program is standard on a Windows 10 computer. For several years this program provided poor protection against new viruses. The program has now been greatly improved. So it is not necessary to install another program. If you want to, you can use an alternative program. Then disable virus protection by Windows Defender. Two antivirus programs work against each other. To check if Windows Defender is enabled:

  • Click the Start button > Institutions.
  • click on Update and Security > Windows Security.
  • The overview contains various parts with a red or green marking. Green means that everything is in order, with red you have to do something yourself.
  • click on Open Windows Security.
  • Now you will see the same parts as before. There’s a notification when you need to do something, such as enable an item. Follow the instructions.

A good antivirus program offers protection against various types of malicious software (malware). But if you need a second opinion, you can use the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program in addition to your antivirus program.

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