Chip shortage halts production of VDL Nedcar again

Chip shortage halts production of VDL Nedcar again

Due to the chip shortage, the production of cars at VDL Nedcar in Born in Limburg has come to a standstill again. No cars were produced last week and it is still uncertain when production can be restarted for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for VDL Nedcar confirmed the production stop after reporting by the regional newspaper The Limburger† The production lines will also be shut down next week. Only in the course of the week will the car factory determine whether production can be resumed next week. The factory is currently building the X1 and the Mini Countryman on behalf of BMW. That contract expires next year. Incidentally, VDL Nedcar cannot do much about the current situation, because BMW is responsible for the supply of the parts.

This is not the first time that VDL Nedcar has been forced to shut down the production line. Last September, production had to be temporarily suspended due to the chip shortage and a month before that, the factory extended the three-week summer closure by one week. Many car manufacturers expect that the chip shortage will still affect production in the first half of this year, but that the shortage will weaken during the second half of this year.

The production stop does not mean that all work on the VDL Nedcar site has come to a standstill. At the beginning of this month, the car factory started with the controversial felling of the Sterrebos. This forest clearing is necessary for the further expansion of the factory. With this, VDL Nedcar hopes to bring in a new client, because the deal with BMW expires next year. The car factory currently appears to be in advanced talks with the American Rivian.

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