Chrome Tip: View the Desktop Version of a Website in Android

Chrome Tip: View the Desktop Version of a Website in Android

Sometimes the mobile version of a website may malfunction, or it may contain fewer features than the desktop version. We explain how you can request the desktop site on your Android phone, but also how you can view a mobile site on desktop.

Request desktop site on Android

There will always come a time when you have problems with a mobile website. Maybe it’s not properly adapted to the size of your phone, or you’re just missing important features you’re used to from the desktop site. In Chrome on your Android phone you can easily switch to the desktop site. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the website Chrome on your Android device
  2. Press the menu with the three dots on the right
  3. Finch desktop site at

It will take some of the better zooming to use a desktop website, but in fact it works fine. Make sure that your desktop site is unchecked again as soon as you are done with the website. You will notice that from now on Chrome will open every website as a desktop site.

Chrome Tip: View the Desktop Version of a Website in Android
Androidworld’s desktop site on Android

Mobile website on desktop

But as we announced earlier, in this article we also look in the other direction. It will probably be useful in less situations, but you can also force a mobile website relatively easily when using Chrome on desktop:

  1. Open the website in Chrome on desktop
  2. Press right on the menu with the three dots
  3. Choose More Tools
  4. click on Developer Tools
  5. In the developer tools, click the phone screen icon to the left of Elements
Chrome Tip: View the Desktop Version of a Website in Android
The Androidworld mobile website on desktop

As soon as you see the mobile website, Chrome will automatically adjust the display to the size of your screen. You can then change the resolution or scale in the toolbar at the top. It is also possible to tilt the screen as you would on a smartphone.

More Chrome News

We also recently wrote about the addition of an RSS reader to both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. In addition, Google announced in July that it would stop distributing browser cookies to offer personalized advertising within two years.

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