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In electric cars, the main questions are still centered around the themes of price and range. However, there are now EVs that put their priorities elsewhere, such as the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense and the Mini Electric. Which is the best choice if there is quite a bit of budget and the car should also be a bit of fun?

It is going too far to say that all EVs are chosen purely with the calculator, but the fact is that the figures are looked at more than with other cars. There is every reason for this, because electric cars are still in the development phase, which means that the differences are large. Where you only had to be happy with a range of 150 km and a hefty amount for a few years ago, there are now quite a few cars for sale that offer a theoretical range of more than 400 km for a reasonable price. That in the EV world everything under half a ton is considered to be reasonable is a fact for the time being, but judging by the sales figures, the better EVs of the moment are generally easily accessible for the business buyer.
The cars that shine on these pages may still have the best papers of all EVs to appeal to private buyers. That starts with the show, which plays an exceptionally large role in these cars. The body of the DS 3 Crossback stands out even in the crowded segment of the compact SUVs and is full of special details. Just a few examples: the matrix LED headlights with purple (!) Accents and striking shoots, electric folding handles, the crocodile-like profile on the roof and exterior mirrors and the “shark fin” borrowed from the original Citroën DS3. It is all equally stubborn. At the same time, the E-Tense is hardly distinguishable from a regular DS 3 Crossback. For example, the large grille was allowed to remain, and because the loading port is hidden behind the tank flap, only the missing exhaust and the nameplates remain as hints to the drivetrain. Although: there is also a blue LED behind the interior mirror, which indicates with PSA products that the car in question is fully electrically driven.

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