Create birthday calendar in Word

A digital calendar is great, but many people have a paper calendar in the kitchen or in the toilet to remember birthdays. If you want to make your own physical birthday calendar, use a Word template and add your own photos.

Choose Template

go through File nasty New and type the keyword in the search box calendar† Microsoft has a ton of Word calendar templates. Our eye fell on photo calendar† It has a magazine per month and you can add nice family photos. When you first open this template file, you’ll see a warning that the macros are disabled.

Press the button Enable content† A pop-up will then appear in which you can select a month and year for the first sheet. You can also invoke this pop-up yourself via the tab Calendar / Select new dates or you press Shift+Alt+Enter† Word will always adjust the dates, weekdays and weekends to the chosen month.

Select the month and year for the first sheet.

Theme and colors

In the tab agenda do you find the buttons Themes and Colors† First, look at the themes, which is the combination of certain fonts and color schemes. You will get the best results if you select the same theme for the entire calendar.

You can use the button Colors choose an appropriate color for each month within the same theme. For example, in the summer you go for warm colors, followed by the autumn colors.

Choose a fresh color scheme and a fun font.


This photo calendar already contains a photo by default, but you will only see it if you click on the photo box and for Text wrapping chooses. You will see that the In line of text option is selected. Change that to one of six other options, for example For textso that the photo will appear.

Of course you want to use your own photos for the calendar. Therefore right click on the image and choose Change image / From a file and then select a photo from your hard drive. Then type the names of the birthdays in the correct date boxes.

Finally, save this month as Become– or pdf file. If you have entered all twelve months in this way, you can print them and bind them together.

You can provide each month with a photo and title.

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