Delta emulator comes to iPad – but what about in Europe?

The Delta emulator is coming to the iPad and will have support for even more consoles. But what about in Europe?

Delta emulator comes to iPad – but what about in Europe?

The Delta app lets you play old Nintendo games on your iPhone for free (even though it’s a legal gray area). For this you have to install a special App Store, called AltStore PAL.

The maker also recently announced a version of the Delta emulator for the iPad. People who support the developer on Patreon can already download the iPad version of Delta from the AltStore, but that is not the AltStore PAL that we can view here in the Netherlands.

In addition, it is not possible to open the AltStore PAL with your iPad, as Apple does not allow external app stores on the tablet (unlike the iPhone). It is not yet known whether the maker of the emulator Delta will soon decide to put the app in the regular App Store here in the Netherlands.

Yet there is good news, because the EU recently decided that iPadOS must also comply with the Digital Markets Act. This means that, just like with the iPhone, the iPad must also allow alternative app stores. Apple has been given six months to come up with a solution.

Install AltStore PAL on your iPhone

It remains to be seen how long you will have to wait for an emulator for the iPad. Unlike the iPad version, you can already install the Delta emulator for iPhone. Read how exactly to do this in the article below.

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allow installation

New update Delta adds more consoles

Delta’s new update also adds the Sega Genesis (the MegaDrive here in Europe) to the list of consoles. The maker plans to even support multiplayer between different devices in the future. Delta is free, but to use AltStore PAL you pay 1.82 euros per year (1.50 euros + tax).

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