Discovery Station: Apple Music helps you discover new music

The new Discovery Station in Apple Music plays a curated selection of songs based on what you’ve been listening to but haven’t heard before. This is how you find the new feature!

Discovery Station: discover new music

Apple Music has launched a new station designed to help you find music you might like. The station is called Discovery Station and plays music based on songs you’ve been listening to lately. And the cool thing about the new feature: you haven’t heard these songs before.

Discovery Station: Apple Music helps you discover new music

Although Apple has not yet officially announced the new feature, it is currently available to most users. You can find the option as follows:

  1. Open Apple Music;

  2. Tap “Listen Now”;

  3. Go to ‘Stations for you’;

  4. The Discovery Station is located next to your personal radio station.

The Discovery Station then stands next to your personal radio station, which is tailored to your taste and which you have probably known for some time. In the new feature you will find music that you probably do not know yet.

The difference with your personal radio station

Discovery Station is algorithmically based on your music taste and in that sense is comparable to your personal radio station. The main difference with the new feature is that the latter will not play songs from your library or playlists. Your personal radio station, on the other hand, often mixes music that Apple Music thinks you’ll like with artists and songs you’ve played before.

discovery station

Unlike playlists, stations in Apple Music have no song limit. Moreover, they are always changing. Apple Music also has a few playlists with 25 songs each that are updated weekly. Playlist New Music Mix is ​​most similar to the new Discovery Station. Only at Discovery Station more than 100 million songs are always possible, instead of only 25 songs per week.

Discovery Station: Apple’s answer to Spotify’s Discover Weekly

Our first experiences with Apple Music’s new feature are certainly good, but it is of course very personal whether you like a recommendation or not. So it’s a matter of trying it out.

A function such as Discovery Station was to be expected, by the way. Spotify has had the playlist Discover Weekly for quite some time now, which means more or less the same thing. So Apple Music couldn’t be left behind.

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