Don’t buy an Apple Watch now: it couldn’t be worse

September is just around the corner, and with it the Apple Watch Series 8. For the current Apple Watches it is therefore 1 minute to 12. You really shouldn’t buy these models of the Apple Watch anymore – and here’s why.

Apple Watch buying advice: don’t do it (for now)

Apple currently offers three Apple Watch models on its website: the Apple Watch Series 3, SE and Series 7. However, new models of the watch are expected during the iPhone 14 event, namely the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Watch Pro. We tell you which Apple Watches you should not buy now.

Why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple presented the first Apple Watch in September 2014 and then released it in April 2015. The first update came in September 2016, but a new model has been released every year since then. This fall is therefore no exception, because we are waiting for the Apple Watch Series 8. So the calculation is quickly made: the Apple Watch Series 3 will soon be five years old – and the fact that it is still for sale at Apple today is surprising anyway.

Apple had left the Series 3 with a lower price in the range when in 2018 the Apple Watch with the Series 4 got bigger with some new health features. The reason for this? Apple wanted to make its smartwatch a bit more accessible. But then this model also outlived other smart watches. the Series 5 with its always-on screen, the Series 6 with blood oxygen measurement and the Series 7 with the even larger screen and fast charging.

Don’t buy an Apple Watch now: it couldn’t be worse

Conversely, this means that the Series 3 can’t really do anything special. No ECG or blood oxygen reading, no room for more than four complications on the dial, no fall detection, no fast charging. However, it has a very low price, which is hardly higher than that of simple pedometers. However, it will soon be over: the Apple Watch Series 3 will no longer receive support for watchOS 9. Even more new possibilities that the Series 3 does not get. And what’s even more important: no more security updates. Our emphatic advice: don’t buy it, but wait until September 7!

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Why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch SE

The second cheapest Apple Watch? That’s the Apple Watch SE. We don’t know yet whether that will also apply to a new SE model, which may be released in September. It could also be that Apple will continue to offer the current Watch SE for a lower price. That would be a slightly different approach than with the iPhone SE, where each new generation immediately throws the previous one out of the range. However, we believe there is a good chance that this will happen.

So even in the case of the Apple Watch SE, it’s better to wait a little longer. You have nothing to lose, there are two possible outcomes. Either the current SE will be a lot cheaper, or you’ll get a better model for the same price.

In any case: the Apple Watch SE is now two years old and will no longer be completely up to date in 2022. Technically, the Apple Watch SE is a Series 5 (2019) with fewer features. What do you miss then? For example, the always-on screen. Or the EKG function. You have fall detection, but that was it in terms of gadgets.

An Apple Watch SE 2022 will probably have all of this. Apple will cut back on measuring blood oxygen saturation and of course on all new sensors. In short, it is better not to buy the Watch SE now.

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Why you shouldn’t buy the Apple Watch Series 7

August is always the time of year for Apple fans when you notice something has changed. The day before yesterday it seemed that the Apple Watch Series 7 is a good purchase, since yesterday you have doubts and today you actually already know that you should not buy the Apple Watch Series 7 anymore.

Let’s be honest: The Apple Watch Series 7 is past its prime, and its successor, the Series 8, is on the way. As we mentioned above, the Series 7 may continue to be available as an Apple Watch SE with some tweaks. However, the original model will soon be withdrawn from sale anyway.

Waiting for a good deal then? We don’t expect that lower price to outweigh the new features of the Series 8. An improved chip will make the watch a lot faster and the battery will last longer. The latter was precisely a point of criticism of the Series 7.

And there’s another good reason not to buy the Apple Watch Series 7 right now. The Apple Watch Pro will expand the Watch offering upwards, replacing the previous Apple Watch Edition. Rumor has it that the screen is getting bigger and therefore offers more room for complications. The battery lasts two days (or longer) on a single charge. In addition, the Pro will get a more robust housing, possibly made of titanium. This Apple Watch Pro will of course be more expensive than the Series 7. But if you get the features you’ve been waiting for, it’s well worth the money. That is why it is better not to buy an Apple Watch Series 7 now.

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