Don’t do Apple: A foldable ‘iPhone Flip’ is a bad idea

Apple still doesn’t have a foldable iPhone, but that might not be much of a problem. This is why an iPhone Flip is actually a bad idea.

Foldable iPhone Flip is a bad idea

There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. Such an ‘iPhone Flip’ brings a number of advantages. By folding your device in half, you can more easily put a larger iPhone in your pocket. In addition, the screen also has extra protection after folding. And let’s face it, it looks pretty cool.

Don’t do Apple: A foldable ‘iPhone Flip’ is a bad idea

Significant disadvantages to foldable screen

However, there are also a few drawbacks to the foldable smartphones. For example, the screen is quite sensitive to scratches and you often see an edge where the screen folds. In addition, the devices are very expensive and the repair costs for the screen are also quite substantial.

But there is another drawback. Foldable smartphones lose value very quickly. And that’s also bad news for the trade-in value when you decide to sell your phone (to get a new one). watch this Take a look at the video of PhoneRepairGuru on YouTube.

There are not that many foldable devices on the market yet, but the first Galaxy Fold was already available in 2019 (for 2020 euros). The first Galaxy Z Flip from 2020 had a suggested retail price of 1500 euros (just as expensive as an iPhone 14 Pro Max now). The latest version (Galaxy Fold 4) was released in August 2022, which means that this device is now less than half a year old.

Yet the new price (1799 euros) has already dropped by 500 euros. That’s about 30 percent. So you also get a lot less for it if you trade in the device when you decide to buy a new one. Often you only do this after a year or two, so you get even less for it.

Galaxy Fold 3
Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

It went even faster with the older Fold 3, because after five months the trade-in value was only 40 percent of the recommended retail price. Other non-foldable devices lose their value a lot less quickly.

iPhones hold their value longer

However, the question is whether this also happens at Apple. iPhones are usually more stable in value than Android devices. That is why it can also happen that with a foldable iPhone Flip the prices remain good for a bit longer (and therefore also the trade-in value).

Foldable iPhone concept

Is Apple working on a foldable iPhone?

There is a good chance that Apple will come up with a foldable iPhone. The tech giant has several patents for iPhones with a folding screen. A patent from 2016 already describes an iPhone that can be folded in half horizontally, using a flexible OLED screen and metal hinge – similar to the Samsung Flip.

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