Elections 2023: decide who you will vote for with your iPhone

It’s time to vote again, because the House of Representatives elections are on Wednesday, November 22. This is how you use your iPhone to determine who you can vote for in the 2023 elections!

House of Representatives elections 2023

The House of Representatives elections are coming, on Wednesday November 22 you can go to the polls again to vote. No fewer than 26 parties are participating in the 2023 elections, so it is quite possible that you are not yet sure who you will vote for. Are you still unsure who to vote for? With these voting guides your iPhone will help you make the choice!

elections 2023 votes

1. StemWijzer

The Voting Guide tests your political preference based on thirty statements. For each statement you must indicate whether you agree, disagree or neither. After answering all the questions, you will be shown the three parties that suit you best for the 2023 elections. For each political party you will also see for what percentage of the statements you have the same position.

With the Voting Guide you can view the full results in addition to your top three, so that you can see exactly which parties suit you most. You do not have to create an account or enter any other information. The Voting Guide is completely free and can be completed via this link. Of course, you do not have to vote for one of these parties in the 2023 elections, but this way you at least know which political preference you have.

elections voting guide

2. Elections 2023: Electoral compass

Do you want to gain a better insight into whether you are left, right, conservative or progressive? And which parties are closest to your political preference? Then it is wise to complete the Electoral Compass. Here too you answer thirty statements, but you can give more nuanced answers. For each question you can choose from ‘Strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘neutral’, ‘disagree’, ‘strongly disagree’ and ‘no opinion’.

After completing the thirty statements, you will be shown a coordinate system that shows which political movement suits you. It also shows where each political party is located in the coordinate system, so that you can see which party you are close to. Also useful: you can see the position of yourself and the political parties per theme in the coordinate system. This way you can decide for yourself which topics you find important.

With the Kieskompas you have the option to enter a number of personal details, but this is not a requirement. Would you prefer to answer the statements completely anonymously? Then click on ‘Continue’ on these pages, which will take you directly to the statements. Also useful: a digital chatbot explains the difficult political terms in the electoral compass. You can complete the Electoral Compass here completely free of charge!

elections electoral compass

3. Election Guide 2023

If you think thirty statements is just too much, you can also complete the 2023 Election Guide. These are 26 questions, each with four multiple choice answers. This way you can better indicate your personal preference, because with each answer you have to choose what you think of the situation. In addition, for each question you can indicate how important you find the subject, so that the results of the voting guide become more accurate.

Don’t understand a question? Don’t worry, in that case you can click on ‘Explanation’ at the top right. The question will then be explained in detail, so that you can give a well-considered answer. After answering the questions, you will see an overview of all parties with the corresponding percentages in the electoral guide. These percentages indicate how much your opinion corresponds with the positions of a party.

You do not have to enter any personal information or email address in the 2023 Election Guide and the questionnaire is free to complete. Do you want to know which party suits you best? Then complete the 2023 Election Guide here!

elections electoral guide

This is when you can vote

After completing the election guides, you are ready for the 2023 elections. You can opt Wednesday November 22 voting from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Don’t know yet where to go to the polls? Voting is only allowed in your own municipality. watch here how you can now see where there are polling stations near you. In any case, don’t forget to bring a valid ID and your voting card, so that you can be sure that you can vote!

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