Electric car considerably cheaper to maintain than traditional

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An electric car turns out to be considerably cheaper to maintain than a car that is powered by a combustion engine. That probably comes as no surprise, but now we also know exactly how much it makes a difference.

After 36 months, the maintenance costs of an EV will remain at a third of that of an average petrol car. This is shown by research by We Predict, skilfully brought to the attention by Automotive News. It concerns American research and averages, but it still gives a good picture.

After three years, EV drivers would have spent an average of $514 (€441) on maintenance and repairs, compared to $749 (€642) for petrol car drivers. It is striking: after one year, things have turned around and EV drivers have lost €262 more than petrol drivers, who are then only €162 further.

While the study looks no further than three years, there is every indication that the difference in maintenance costs between the two powertrains will only increase as cars get older. If we look purely at maintenance, so without repairs, EV drivers will only lose €66 after three years. An amount of €196 applies to cars with an internal combustion engine, but this is of course in a period when the car is still very young.

We Predict did not make it easy, but examined no fewer than 13 million vehicles of 400 different types. This involved no fewer than 65 million different maintenance and repair appointments, representing a total of $7.7 billion in parts and $9.5 billion in labor.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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