Electric driving reaches a tipping point: ‘government must take action’

Fastned CEO makes political appeal

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The growth of electric driving will encounter limitations if the government does not stimulate it further. Fastned CEO Michiel Langezaal warns about this. He hopes that with further stimulus measures it can become the norm.

Michiel Langezaal, the CEO of charging station operator Fastned, believes that the important election theme ‘security of existence’ cannot be viewed separately from sustainable mobility. According to him, it must be affordable for everyone to be able to drive electrically. “This requires clarity and vision from the government. People must have the feeling that the sustainable choice is beneficial in the long term.” According to Langezaal, it is therefore necessary that benefits regarding additional tax and road tax for electric cars are not terminated.

According to Langezaal, there must be a ‘serious difference’ with fuel cars. Moreover, more and more cheaper EVs are coming onto the market, which ensures increasing affordability. “Electric driving is no longer an expensive hobby. In recent years, wealthy drivers in particular have been able to benefit from the tax benefits. Now that EVs are becoming more affordable, incentives must be provided to larger groups so that electric driving becomes the norm.”

Langezaal acknowledges that the overcrowded power grid is an obstacle in the transition to electric driving. Connecting the stations to the network is delayed. Here, he believes, the government should ‘take matters into its own hands’ and ‘not lag behind the facts’. “Energy policy must move from reactive to active. Grid operators must be able to take action more quickly. It is really important that grid operators start working with a new way of thinking, with new frameworks for investment plans. The first steps have been taken, but we must accelerate.” The CEO states that the market for electric mobility is moving around a kind of tipping point: “No one is going back to the old way now. We can do a lot, but that goes hand in hand with acceleration by grid operators and the government.”

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