Electric Smart #3: larger but barely more expensive than #1

Also as a sporty Brabus

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Smart #3

The second electric model of Smart, which recharges with Chinese technology, is called #3. It is technically related to the shorter and taller #1. Despite its larger dimensions and higher positioning, the Smart #3 is barely more expensive than its little brother.

Anyone who is in the market for a Smart #1 can call that electric crossover his or hers after transferring at least €37,395. For that amount you can drive the Pro version with a 49 kWh LFP battery and a powerful 272 hp electric heart. The Smart #3 – which is more than ten centimeters larger – is available as a Pro from €38,395. This makes the Smart #3 Pro only €1,000 more expensive than the #1 in the same configuration. The Smart #3 Pro has an electric range of 325 kilometers. So you can go further than the #1 Pro, which has a range of 310 kilometers to its name. Fast charging is possible with a maximum of 130 kW.

The Smart #3 is of course not only available as a Pro. The electric crossover with a relatively steeply sloping roofline is also available as Pro+, Premium, 25th Anniversary and Brabus. With the exception of the sporty Brabus, they all have a 66 kWh NCM battery and the same 272 hp electric motor as the Pro. With that hardware, the Smart #3 Pro+ can travel up to 435 kilometers. The Premium and the 25th Anniversary Edition have a range of 455 kilometers. The Smart #3 Brabus holds sway at the top of the power ladder. Thanks to two combined 428 hp strong engines, this four-wheel drive top version also has the 66 kWh battery. Its range: 415 kilometers. It reaches a speed of 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, making it even faster than the certainly not slow versions with only the 272 hp electric heart (5.8 s).

Prices Smart #3

Battery Assets Drive Range From price
#3 Pro 49 kWh 272 hp, 343 Nm behind 325 kilometers €38,395
#3 Pro+ 66 kWh 272 hp, 343 Nm behind 435 kilometers €43,395
#3 Premium 66 kWh 272 hp, 343 Nm behind 455 kilometers €46,055
#3 25th Anniversary Edition 66 kWh 272 hp, 343 Nm behind 455 kilometers €46,555
#3 Brabus 66 kWh 428 hp, 543 Nm front+back 415 kilometers €50,895

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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