Electric Volkswagen Crafter and Transporter on the way

Also electric Transporter and Multivan California on the way

Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles looks back at 2022, but also looks straight ahead. The CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles not only announces the arrival of a Volkswagen Caddy with a hybrid powertrain, but also a completely new electric Crafter.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is coming this year with a longer version of the Volkswagen ID Buzz, a version that, with its larger dimensions and longer wheelbase, will offer space for up to seven occupants, among other things. But there is more van news in the Volkswagen barrel. For example, Volkswagen will release a conceptual version of a California variant of the Multivan later this year and a completely new Ford-based Transporter will arrive early next year. There will also be a fully electric version of that Transporter, says Carsten Intra, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Has this satisfied Volkswagen’s appetite for new commercial vehicles? No.

Carsten Instra says that the Volkswagen Caddy will eventually also have a hybrid powertrain. In addition, Volkswagen is working on a completely new version of its largest commercial vehicle: the Crafter. In any case, there will also be a fully electric variant, but we also expect regular diesel versions. There is already an electric e-Crafter of the current generation Crafter.


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