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Volvo EX30

In the market for an electric Volvo, but is the XC40 or C40 too big for you? Then wait a while. On June 7, Volvo will pull the curtain on a new electric crossover that is still a size smaller than those two. That electric Volvo EX30 knows how to drive itself in the spotlight again.

Earlier this month, AutoWeek was able to show you the Volvo EX30 from all angles on a patent image and Volvo itself is also releasing more information itself in the run-up to the introduction of the model. This time, the brand highlights the ‘low carbon footprint’ of its upcoming entry-level electric model. Volvo releases images of the interior of the EX30 and one of the plates shows the car itself.

Volvo EX30 patent

Volvo EX30 on patent image.

Volvo proudly announces that the EX30 has the lowest CO2 footprint of any Volvo to date. According to the brand, the production and life cycle of the EX30 is associated with a total of 200,000 kilometers of CO2 emissions of ‘less than 30 tons’. That is 25 percent less compared to the electric versions of the XC40 and C40. Of course, the tons of CO2 mentioned do not come from the exhaust, but are released during the production of the model, among other things. In the EX30, Volvo says it uses less steel and aluminum and a larger part of the material used is recycled. For example, 17 percent of the steel used and roughly a quarter of the aluminum used in the EX30 has been recycled. In addition, Volvo says that it uses fewer parts in the interior because it brings functions together in one part. You can also count on a screen in which the operation of almost all functions is housed. About 17 percent of all plastics used in the EX30 – including the bumpers – are recycled.

Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30

Which materials can you find in the EX30? According to Volvo, this includes denim, flax and a wool blend. Volvo is already showing images of materials used and, among other things, releasing a photo on which part of the dashboard can already be seen. The Swedes have placed a semi-dark EX30 in it and that naturally produces interesting viewing fodder.

Volvo’s new most compact electric car is on the SEA platform developed by Geely, which the model shares with cars such as the Smart #1, #3 and Zeekr X. Count on a 66 kWh battery pack and 272 hp and 428 hp electric powertrains, among other things. . The Smart #1 notes a range of up to 440 kilometers behind its name. We also expect something solid for the Volvo EX30. The Volvo EX30 will be unveiled on June 7 and the brand will immediately open the Dutch order books on that day.


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