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Take a virtual photo album with you on your iPad or iPhone

If you like mobile photography, you should definitely try the different Englight apps. We highlight Enlight Quickshot here. This is a user-friendly app that allows you to edit photos in a professional manner at lightning speed. The app almost automatically applies the correct settings to your photo, but if you want something different, you can also simply make manual adjustments.

Install the app

You can Enlight Quickshot free download from the App Store. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS. When you use the app for the first time, you will first get an overview of the various options. The tutorial shows how to turn the sky into a landscape photo, automatically enhance contrasts and add special effects. Continue with Get Started! after which you will immediately receive an offer to conclude a monthly or annual subscription. Turn this off by pressing the cross at the top left. This way you can first discover whether you find the app pleasant to use and contains sufficient functionalities.

Do not immediately purchase a subscription if you do not know whether you like the app.

Photography course with your iPhone

Do you want more tips to take professional photos on your iPhone? Then try the Tech Academy course shoot with your iPhone.

Automatic adjustments

Do you want to give your photo a different air? That’s done in one of the presets!

You can discover the edits and filters in the app based on the default ship wreck photo. But would you rather take care of your own photo right away? Then tap Photos in the top left corner and give the app access to your camera roll with OK.

Through Magic in the bar at the bottom, the app automatically adjusts your photo. The colors then become a little warmer, the contrasts are increased and everything immediately looks sharper. With the Skybutton allows you to quickly adjust the sky in your photo using a laundry list of presets. Then you can even move the air a bit with the slider. Thanks to Filters and Effects you can easily give your photo a much more professional result. If you are happy with your changes, you can confirm them with the check mark.

Edit manually

Would you rather be in control? You can tap once Details. Here you can adjust the sharpness, structure or grain yourself using all kinds of sliders. Through Adjust you can play with contrasts, change the vividness and shadows, add a vignette or change the saturation and color temperature. Do you also want to crop or rotate the photo? You do that through Crop. Here you will find features to change the aspect ratio, straighten your image and so on. With Save Copy, behind the share button, you save your edits.


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