European demand for Lexus LM five times higher than expected

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Lexus LM 7-seater

The fact that the Lexus LM is also coming to Europe as an ultra-luxury MPV is already special, it now appears that the demand for the LM in our continent is five times as high as Lexus expected.

The Lexus LM continues where others stop in terms of luxury and comfort. In Asia, this type of luxury ‘bus’ for luxurious passenger transport is popular, which was even a reason for Volvo to introduce the EM 90, a Zeekr 009 with a Volvo look. Large MPVs packed with indulgence, which usually don’t come to Europe.

Lexus announced this year that the LM will come to Europe. This caused more demand than expected in the countries where the LM will be available, five times as much as Lexus had expected. You can order the LM in Germany, among other places, but that will not be the case anytime soon in the Netherlands. The fact that the car appears to be more popular in other European countries than expected will not change this, according to a spokesperson for the importer.
In Germany, the Lexus LM starts at €122,700.

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