Eyeballs #29: Adventure Lab lets you see the world in a different way

Geocaching has a separate app for city quests. This Adventure Lab is great for seeing cities, villages and nature in a new way.

Adventure Lab: see the world in a different way

You are probably familiar with the idea of ​​Geocaching. This game takes you out into the real world to find hidden containers. It contains a piece of paper on which you write your name, and then register the find in the Geocaching app. But Geocaching goes further than these containers.

One of the funniest parts was lab caches: special quests set up during an event. Creativity has always been a top priority. This idea proved to be so popular that Geocaching decided a few years ago to make its own app for it: Adventure Lab.

In this, people go on quests, where you are sent to specific locations and you have to answer questions. This involves a maximum of five locations per lab. Only if the answer is correct, the player may proceed to the next location.

Eyeballs #29: Adventure Lab lets you see the world in a different way

Adventure in your own city

Recently we did such a lab in my own city. We were sent to historical locations, about which some history was told in the app. That was fun, but the goal was also to pay close attention between locations. In the app we saw photos of objects that we had to spot along the way. We then had to answer questions about what we had seen.

For example, we had to find a suit of armor to write down the text opposite the armor. We had to find a picture of a clock to write the date underneath. The result is that you look at your environment in a completely different way.

It is therefore also a great way to discover new towns and villages, because if possible you get to places and see things that the average tourist would never notice. Nevertheless, these quests can be found not only in cities and villages, but also in nature. Sometimes complete stories are made up about mythical creatures.

Bonus cache

It is especially nice that there are already a lot of labs in the Netherlands. Even the smallest villages have one. These labs are easier to set up than caches because they don’t require a physical hiding location.

For the Geocaching enthusiast, it’s good to know that every correct answer counts as a find. So if you complete a full lab, you gain five points. In addition, many creators of these labs choose to hide a bonus cache at the end that you have to look up with hints. Then you suddenly have six finds. Also handy is that if you are a Premium member of Geocaching, you can simply see the labs among the other caches on the map.

The app could still be streamlined a bit. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to keep an overview. Especially if you also have to switch with a map app for a specific route. But it is already a very nice app that will not disappear from my iPhone for the time being.

Download Adventure Lab

Adventure Lab can be downloaded from the App Store via the button below.

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