Ferrari sells historical amount of cars

Ferrari is doing well. This is also evident from the figures for 2019. The brand announced this week how things went last year, and it is particularly noticeable that more than 10,000 cars were sold for the first time.

Ferrari mainly writes black figures for 2019. The number of cars sold rose by 880 to 10,131 units and that is a new milestone for the brand. Especially the cars with a V8 are in demand; Ferrari sold 11.2 percent more than a year earlier. The Portofino, 812 Superfast, the F8 Tributo and Monza SP1 and SP2 pull things up. The different versions of the 488 are doing a little less well.

The main market for Ferrari remains Europe and the Middle East. 4,895 new purebred horses from Maranello went there. America follows, with exactly 2,900 cars sold. The largest growth came from the Eastern markets. In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, 20 percent more Ferraris were sold than a year earlier. In total good for 836 pieces.

Ferrari revenues also rose, amounting to more than 3.7 billion euros over the past year, a growth of 10 percent compared to a year earlier. More than 2.9 billion of this comes from the sale of cars, 538 million from sponsor money and advertising, 198 million from the sale of motorbikes and 104 million from other sources. The net profit for 2019 amounts to 699 million euros.

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