Fighting food waste

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The Too Good To Go app fights food waste. Restaurants, bakeries and other businesses offer food that they would otherwise throw away. And that with a small price tag!

Many companies that work with food know it. At the end of the day there is food left over, and it should not be left until the next day. The Too Good To Go app has a solution for this.

Companies can join the app. If there is food left at the end of the day, they offer it at a significant discount. Users of the app see what is offered and can buy it. At least: the food is sold as a so-called ‘magic box’. What exactly is inside is a surprise. Although you can expect something from bread or pastries at a bakery.

Buyers pick up the food in the store, preferably with their own boxes and trays. Payment is through the app. Currently still using a credit card, among other things, but iDEAL is being worked on. The app is not yet active throughout the Netherlands, but more and more companies in the larger cities are joining it.

Download the app for free from the app stores.

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