Finally: ExpressVPN is now available on Apple TV

Since tvOS 17 it has been possible to install a VPN on your Apple TV and ExpressVPN is now available! This is how you download ExpressVPN on your Apple TV.

VPN now available on Apple TV

Good news for Apple TV users, because ExpressVPN has launched an app for tvOS. Since tvOS 17 it has been possible to install VPN apps on your Apple TV. This has several advantages, for example a VPN connection is often much more secure. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is an extra secure private connection between your Apple device and the internet.

This secure connection prevents hackers from intercepting your data. Another advantage: ExpressVPN has servers in 105 different countries. You will then receive the IP address of that server, making it appear as if you are abroad. This has several advantages. We will tell you why a VPN is useful and how to install ExpressVPN on your Apple TV!


This is how you install ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN therefore offers various servers in other countries. Your IP address makes it appear as if you are in another country, making it more difficult to be tracked on the internet. And perhaps even more importantly: you have much more freedom online, because you are no longer dependent on your location. If you connect your Apple TV to an American server with the VPN, you can, for example, immediately watch the American offer on Netflix!

You are currently limited to the Dutch offering, but a VPN is a legal way to watch more films and series on your Apple TV. This applies not only to Netflix, but to many more platforms. Are you planning to install ExpressVPN on your Apple TV? Then download the app for free from the App Store:

Installing ExpressVPN is free, but you unfortunately need a subscription to use the VPN on your Apple TV. Do you already have a subscription on your iPhone or iPad? Then you don’t have to pay extra, but you can use the same account. With a new subscription you start with a free trial period of seven days, after which you pay 13.99 euros monthly or 106.99 euros annually.

expressvpn Apple TV

Even more benefits of VPN

It is now finally possible to install a VPN on your Apple TV, which has a number of advantages. In that case, you no longer have to worry about the security of your internet connection and you have a wider range of streaming services. Also useful: if you are abroad for a longer period of time, you can still watch Videoland and Ziggo Go.

The latter especially applies to your iPhone and iPad, making it extremely convenient that ExpressVPN can be used on all your Apple devices. ExpressVPN is unfortunately one of the most expensive apps, but it is the only VPN that is (currently) available for the Apple TV. Do you want to know which other reliable VPNs there are? Then view our overview of last week’s VPN offers here!

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