Finally: WhatsApp allows sending videos in high quality

A new update of WhatsApp is coming to your iPhone! It will soon finally be possible to send videos in high quality via WhatsApp. This is how the new feature works.

WhatsApp lowers video quality

Do you often use WhatsApp to send photos and videos? Then you have probably noticed that the image quality after sending is (much) worse than the original. That’s no coincidence, because WhatsApp lowers the quality of your photos and videos to save data when sending. In addition, the recordings then take up less storage space, but they do compromise on image quality.

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The new update of WhatsApp changes this, because it will soon be possible to send videos in high quality. Earlier it became clear that photos can soon be shared in the highest quality via WhatsApp. That function is now also coming to sending videos. We explain how to prevent WhatsApp from lowering your video quality with the new update.

whatsapp videos high quality

This way you can send videos in high quality

In the current version of WhatsApp, it is already possible to determine the upload quality of your media yourself. You then have the choice of automatic, best quality or data saving. However, the best quality is often still not equal to the sharpness of the original video. This is possible in the new version of WhatsApp, because you then select the quality yourself when sending a video.

As soon as you share a recording in HD quality, a symbol appears with the message. This also makes it clear to the recipient that the video has been shared in its original quality. Sending your video in the best quality is as follows:

  1. Go to the conversation in which you want to send the video;

  2. Choose the plus sign and tap on ‘Photo and video library’;

  3. Select the video you want to send;

  4. When editing the video, tap “HD” at the top of the screen;

  5. Then check ‘HD quality’;

  6. Finally, choose ‘Done’ and send the video.

In order to maintain the original video quality, it is therefore not necessary to adjust the WhatsApp settings. You therefore determine the image quality with every shot. It is also advisable not to choose HD for every video, because these files are quickly twice as large as the standard quality of WhatsApp.

Still want to share all your videos in HD? Then it is smart to delete the HD videos for yourself on WhatsApp as soon as your contact has received the video. After all, the videos are already in your Photos library, or can even be found in your iCloud storage. By removing the videos from WhatsApp, you prevent the app from taking up a lot of storage space on your iPhone. You can read how to do that in the article below

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whatsapp pictures hd

New feature coming soon

The new function to send videos in high quality can already be found in the test version of WhatsApp. That means we probably won’t have to wait long for the new feature. Once WhatsApp has released a new update, it often takes several weeks before everyone can use all options. So you may have to wait a while for the HD function.

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Are you enthusiastic about sharing videos in the highest image quality and would you like to know more about WhatsApp? Earlier we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp. Do you want to be online on WhatsApp without anyone noticing? Read here exactly how to do that.

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