Finally! WhatsApp brings an official app with cool features to your Mac

We’ve been looking forward to it for a while: a real WhatsApp app for our Mac. Fortunately, it seems that it is finally coming!

WhatsApp comes with an app for your Mac

WhatsApp launched a completely new app for Windows users on Tuesday. The big news? An app from WhatsApp for your Mac is also coming soon! This is what the popular messaging app from Facebook (Meta) told itself in a blog post. The intention is that this new official WhatsApp app will replace the less stable WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web.

With the new app, WhatsApp for the Mac does not use the web version of WhatsApp as a basis, but builds on its reliable iOS app. This so-called Catalyst-version for Mac is an extension of the app for your iPhone. This converts an existing iOS app to a macOS version. Since macOS and iOS are very similar under the hood, this is easy to do. In addition, this way is more stable compared to building new software from scratch. It results in reliability and speed and other new features.

The Windows version of WhatsApp is based on electron. You can almost see that as an entire browser that is only intended to display a single website (that of WhatsApp Web). Of course Electron offers some possibilities to make WhatsApp feel at home on Windows, but at iPhoned we are happy to have an even more native get version.

whatsapp web

What’s great about the new desktop WhatsApp app?

This one native WhatsApp app also has some other advantages over its predecessors. You will soon be able to send and receive messages on your Mac, for example, when your iPhone is turned off. Much to the chagrin, this was not possible with the older desktop apps.

In addition, WhatsApp for the app for the Mac will also get a cleaning cloth over the design. The interface has been redesigned to look cleaner. Since the Windows app has started to resemble the Windows design more, we expect the Mac app to get a macOS look.

The final benefit of the new WhatsApp app for your Mac is that it will most likely become less power-hungry. Certainly in combination with better reliability and a boost in speed, the app actually improves on everything. We are curious!


Other plans: iPad app on the way?

We also heard rumors that WhatsApp is planning to release an iPad version of this app for the Mac. Here too, WhatsApp will take over large parts of the code of the iOS app. However, these plans still seem to be on hold. The beta app for your iPad has yet to launch.

Do you already want to use this app for your Mac? Unfortunately that is not possible (anymore). The beta app on TestFlight is completely full. Would you like very much app on your MacBook? That is already possible! For example, you can already WhatsApp Web to use.

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