Fines for ignoring general traffic signs have more than doubled since 2014

Landsmeer and Oostzaan front runners

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Even if we ignore speeding fines and parking fines, the number of traffic fines has almost doubled in ten years. If we add the total amount raised, it ‘almost’ suddenly becomes ‘large’.

Our colleagues at Autotrack and the AD have taken a closer look at the traffic fines from the period 2014 to 2023. They focused on traffic fines for ignoring so-called general traffic signs. Speeding fines and parking fines are not included. What is left then? Everything else, such as driving on the wrong side of a one-way street, not respecting an environmental zone and illegal parking.

In 2014, 420,200 fines were issued for these types of traffic violations, in 2023 this would have risen to 763,900. The average fine amount also increased, from 93 to 115 euros per fine. The total money raised through these types of violations increased from 39 to 88 million euros in the period mentioned.

Of course, not the same number of people are fined everywhere. If we look at the absolute number of fines for ignoring traffic signs in 2023, Amsterdam is the leader with 79,600, followed by the other major cities such as Rotterdam (45,600), The Hague (27,900) and Utrecht (15,400).

Approximately 273 fines were issued per 10,000 inhabitants in the Netherlands in 2023. The number of fines varies greatly per municipality. There are municipalities where they do adhere to the traffic signs, such as Westerwolde in Groningen with 7 fines per 10,000 inhabitants, followed by Sint-Michielsgestel in Brabant with 8 fines per 10,000 inhabitants and Olst-Wijhe in Overijssel with 9 fines per 10,000 inhabitants. .

Most traffic fines are issued in Landsmeer. In this North Holland municipality, 1,547 fines are issued annually per 10,000 inhabitants for ignoring a traffic sign. Closely behind, followed by the neighboring municipality of Oostzaan.

In particular, illegal parking, driving where prohibited and ignoring mandatory driving directions appear to be common violations.

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