First reviews: AI Pin from former Apple employees is disappointing

Former Apple employees have released an AI Pin, but the gadget does not perform well in initial tests. These are the problems.

New AI Pin released

Humane, the company of former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, has released a new AI Pin. The small device is intended to be attached to your clothing with a magnet and is completely designed for artificial intelligence. The design of the AI ​​Pin resembles an Apple Watch, but according to Humane the device is intended to completely replace the phone.

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The AI ​​Pin has a 13-megapixel camera, speaker, microphone and can connect to the mobile network. The device does not have a large display, but that is not necessary, according to Humane. Instead, information is projected onto your hand via a laser. Operation is done with hand gestures and voice commands that are processed by AI. This all sounds promising, but the first reviews of the device are mainly negative.

First reviews: AI Pin from former Apple employees is disappointing

Problems with operation

Apple expert Mark Gurman has tested the AI ​​Pin. He mainly experienced problems with the controls of the device. According to him, the device responded slowly to the hand gestures, or did not even recognize the gestures at all. That is a big problem, especially because the device mainly relies on these gestures. The laser projection also did not work properly according to Gurman. In a bright light environment, the lasers are not clearly visible and the interface feels uncomfortable.

The AI ​​Pin requires you to enter a PIN code when you attach the device to your clothing, similar to your iPhone’s password. Here too, Gurman encountered an annoying problem, because he was regularly unable to enter a password. This meant that the device had to be restarted every time. Humane still has to solve quite a number of bugs to make the device a success.

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AI Pin battery is disappointing

In addition, the battery of the AI ​​Pin is very disappointing. The device only lasts four hours, with an extra battery this increases to nine hours. So you won’t make it to the end of the day with the device, unlike most smartphones. There are also functions that do work well with the AI ​​Pin. This way, the device is able to answer most questions and the camera works properly.

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That is also allowed for the price tag, because you pay 700 dollars for the device. There is an additional monthly subscription of $24, which is mandatory for every user. For now, the AI ​​Pin is not a success and the device is certainly not a replacement for the iPhone. It is still unknown if and when the gadget will come to Europe. For now, the AI ​​Pin is only for sale in the United States.

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