Ford Bronco with soft top spotted

The new Ford Bronco can already be transformed into an open variant, but you still have to rely on fixed panels to close things up again. This will change, as these photos show.

The Ford Bronco immediately showed at its unveiling last summer that you can expose yourself more to the elements by removing the roof. In the two-door version, the roof consists of three parts; two parts at the front and one at the back, all of which can be removed and stored. The four-door roof consists of four parts, which makes the same possible. For those who prefer a simpler approach, Ford has now come up with a solution. In any case, the Bronco comes on the market as a two-door with a detachable soft top.

In the photos we see a Bronco made as Badlands with the roof in question. It looks like it consists of three or five parts, depending on whether the ‘windows’ are on the side of the roof part. The rear window seems to be removed separately in any case. Of course, the whole must be a lot more compact to store than is the case with the hard roof parts that are already available. This is especially useful for those who want to be able to quickly switch between covered or open driving pleasure during a trip.

Ford Bronco

The Bronco already presented with all hard roof parts off.

The prototype captured by our spy photographer looks pretty ready for production, so it probably won’t be long before Ford itself comes up with news about it. It remains to be seen whether a similar setup will be available for the longer four-door. Anyone who has become enthusiastic here in the Netherlands must be disappointed: there are no plans yet to offer the Bronco here.

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