Ford Focus Active Wagon gets a special face in China

Ford already sells the Focus in China as a hatchback and as a sedan, but the Wagon is still foreign to the Chinese consumer. That will change, although the Focus Wagon will look slightly different in the Far East.

The European taste is not the Chinese, it turns out. For example, the European Tucson Santa Fe looks different from the versions Hyundai sells of those models in China, and Ford also occasionally adapts its models to local market preferences. Last year it became clear that the Chinese version of the Kuga, which is called Escape just like in the United States, will have its own muzzle. Ford will soon also launch the Wagon of the current generation Focus on China, and what turns out? That car also gets a completely different face in China.

An image has surfaced via Chinese media of the Focus Active Wagon, the elevated variant of the Wagon, as it will soon be marketed in China by joint venture partner Changan-Ford. Although the Focus hatchback and sedan in China differ almost exclusively with their modified bumper work from the European versions, the Focus Active Wagon in China gets a front that is very similar to that of the Chinese Escape. The headlights are optically connected to the grille and are therefore no longer separated by a piece of sheet metal. In addition, the complete grille is not only different in shape, but also its interpretation is slightly different than we are used to in Europe. Moray Callum, Ford’s vice president of global design, said last year that “a more dynamic design appeals to Chinese consumers.” The question is whether the design of this Chinese Focus Active Wagon can actually be described as more dynamic. The Ford Focus Active Wagon will hit the Chinese market later this year.

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