Ford: ‘this Ranger offers the best of both worlds’


Ford Ranger teaser

Ford shows a glimpse of a Ford Ranger on social media with which apparently something special is going on. We’ll know everything next week, if the report is to be believed.

‘Why compromise if you can get the best of both worlds?’ Ford asks rhetorically the video it posts online. This suggests that it is something hybrid-like and that fits in with what Ford is doing in the US. After all, the previously launched hybrid version of the larger F-150 has just been reduced in price, because Ford hopes to sell more hybrid pickups in this way. The Ford Ranger mainly plays a major role outside North America and could therefore be the vehicle (literally) with which the hybrid pick-up is brought to South American, African, Asian and also European customers.

We don’t know for sure yet, but that will change on September 19. That is the date that also appears on the screen, considerably sharper even than the car that it is all about.

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